Sometimes, what you want to express can be encapsulated on a single page, a combination of words and image that says it all. For your daughter’s twenty-first birthday, it might be a painting of you at twenty one, accompanied by a few simple phrases that describe your world when you were that age, framed for her to hang in her very first apartment. A wedding anniversary wouldn’t be happening without the moment you met; why not celebrate it with a charcoal rendering of that moment, highlighted with your memories of it. A boy’s winning Little League season might be celebrated with a mock sporting magazine cover, complete with his cover image and headlines detailing his many feats over the season.

Broadsides are a simple way of turning memories into art, where they can be framed and set out for all to enjoy. The image could be a photograph, a drawing, a painting or any combination of art forms and the text as minimal or profuse as it takes to capture the story.