They are the events by which we mark the rest of our lives, bookmarks standing up among the volume of our days. We will remember them, of course — graduation day was hot and humid; on her wedding day, the bride smiled beatifically and danced in layers of tulle — how could we forget? But what if we could make the event itself and the chain of events which made it possible come alive again with a combination of words and images?

The wedding is the big story, but what about the small ones? The bride, at age 12, pledged her fidelity to a thoroughbred mare and the groom was once confident in his future as a Buddhist monk. The two met while on dates with other people.

The leadup to the college graduation was long, twenty one years and four months to be exact. There were a lot of mini-milestones along the way, including that sixth grade suspension for saran-wrapping the girls’ toilets and the beloved tenth grade math teacher who taught him the beauty of fractals, all of which could be illustrated and bound for the family bookshelf ready for the graduate’s children and their children to enjoy.

Behind all of those events, whether it’s the bar mitzvah or retirement, a landmark birthday or a seemingly unremarkable one there are stories — funny, poignant, strange or filled with inside jokes begging to break out so that everyone can experience them.

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