Life is not just the events, it’s the backstories. Behind every wedding, every anniversary, every birthday or family reunion is an intricate web of chance meetings, crazy coincidences and hard work. The occasions are wonderful and full of life, but most often, the really interesting details are hidden. Sometimes, they’re so hidden they need help coming out. That’s where we come in. We love backstories. We love to help discoverthem, help narrate them and, through illustrations or photographs or paintings, make them come alive. We put it all together in a book — a unique book with custom binding, and perhaps a number of nicely-bound copies for friends or family who would like to share the story.

A girl turns five. She loves bugs and Olivia the pig and once crept into her little brother’s crib because she thought he might be afraid of a thunderstorm. A husband and wife are celebrating twenty five years together. They have so many stories — funny, touching, unexpected — about their honeymoon, their third anniversary (he forgot!), the trips they took and that day, four years ago, when she surprised him at the office and took him out to a special dinner for no reason. A grandmother is turning eighty and she wants her grandchildren to remember her not just as their kindly grandmother, but as a woman who loved playing the cello and a child who used to climb trees.

We used to tell each other those stories. Before television and the internet and the million other distractions of daily life, the stories of family and friends were our entertainment. Now, too often, they get lost. We would like to help find them and give them their proper place where they can be enjoyed and shared long into the future.