Lately (like a lot of people), we’ve been trying to think hard about what we buy and what we throw away. We try to reuse things when possible, fix broken things rather than buying new or giving new life to the old. It’s not easy for me; it doesn’t come naturally. I’ve always had great admiration for those who can make something old look not only completely new but totally original. It’s why I was drawn to the work of Veronica Murray of VM Simple Treasures.

Using old postcards, Veronica creates beautiful pendants, making them look somehow old AND new. They’re beautiful — check them out at her Etsy shop. She also sells vintage items and tea cup nightlights, among other things. She agreed to answer a few questions:

Could you briefly describe your pendants and how you make them?

My pendants are images cut out, hand sealed twice and then set in silver plated trays. I then fill them in with crystal clear jewelry grade two part resin. It takes two days for them to fully cure, or harden before the can be worn.

The images you use have a great antique feeling about them. How do you find them?

Most of my pendants are made from antique postcards. I collect damaged cards with usable areas to make the pendants. The antique feel is really because they are… from between 1900 and 1920.

I also have created other pendants using my husbands photos of the flowers in our garden and digital work by myself and other artists.

How did you come across the idea for making the pendants?

I came across the idea from other etsy people so I can’t say it’s entirely original. However, I never came across postcard art and decided that would be my niche. I’m crazy for postcards…

Can you describe a typical workday?

I have a full time career and I commute ridiculous distances so it’s difficult for me to make time for my art. In the evenings I work on preparing my images for the weekend. On Saturday mornings I set the images in the trays and Sunday mornings I do the pouring of the resin.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

It’s hard to choose any one pendant as a favorite, but I would say I especially like this stylised rose antique-postcard-pendant-necklace it has a wonderful lacy feel to it. Imagine that this was made in 1907!

How long have you been living in the Hudson Valley?

I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley all my life, growing up in Rhinebeck and living the past 18 years in Hyde Park.

How does living here affect your work and your inspiration?

We live in a beautiful valley. I work all day in the city and it never fails to amaze me everyday how much I welcome coming home at night. It’s green and lush and peaceful.. Or it’s snowy and icey! Either way it’s home to me. And we can’t forget what an historical area it is. From the Legend of Sleepy Hollow to the Vanderbuits, the Roosevelts and the wonderful garden spots. Living here inspires me just because of these things. I come home, unwind, enjoy, and create!

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