Like many an angsty teenager, I kept diaries in high school. Then pretty much abandoned them in college and beyond, until about ten years ago, when I started up again. Then, they were basically to do lists, or commonplace books of passages from books or poems I’d liked. Then they started to morph into something else: Random doodles and sketches, photos of the kids or family trips, more admired quotes from books.

At first they were Moleskines, which I liked for their simplicity and beautiful design. Then the cheaper versions by Pentalic. Recently, it occurred to me that I could make my own journals, with covers and paper I liked, in the sizes I preferred. They were, at first, basic. Then I got the idea of tweaking them even more, combining papers so I could have nice, heavyweight paper for watercolors or sketches as well as cheaper drawing paper for notes. This notebook is the result.

There are two covers, two notebooks inside — one with each sort of paper. The inside books are flipped, so it can be opened from either the “front” or the “back” depending on which notebook I want to access. It is bound with a stitching which allows it to lie flat. It’s about 6″ by 8″. My next version will have a closure of some sort and a slit in the middle for pens.

I would also like to do different versions, with image transfers on the front instead of binding them with specialty papers (though I do love the papers as well; they are bright and tactile).

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