When I think about the internet and its seductive qualities, I tend to first focus on how news is spread instantaneously. You need never be out of the loop if you just know where to look. Which is why it frequently gives me a very large headache and makes me want to hide under my pillow.

I have to keep reminding myself that it also a treasure trove of quirky. And yes, unearthing all that quirkiness can absorb time with alarming speed, but there are some spots I can visit and not feel empty afterwards. Like the odd and addictive This Recording.

The staff of writers claims to be dedicated to the enjoyment of audio and visual stimuli; what they really seem to be doing is exploring whatever they find curious or interesting. Long posts are dedicated to Raymond Carver’s unhappy marital life, or the letters of Vanessa Bell or the intersection of the art of Vuillard and Bonnard. One post pieces together the last few months of James Joyce’s life.

Numerous photos accompany every entry, along with links to mp3 recordings the author finds relevant to the story. The effect is like a condensed, multimedia New Yorker story, where you can always find things you think you care nothing about — untilĀ  you start reading them.

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