There are so many theories of parenting — tough love? unconditional love? — it’s almost impossible NOT to get overwhelmed, unless you’re the sort of person who doesn’t question your decisions, even in the face of sobs and tantrums. Go on the internet for advice and you’re likely to hear you’re too hard or too soft or you’re not spending enough time together or your child needs more independence.

It’s in the spirit of confusion that I put together this goofy chapbook on parenting styles. The idea is that you choose a parenting style based on your needs. Need free time? Benign Neglect is for you. If you’re trying to eliminate all last shreds of a social life, go Attachment.

It’s got my drawings in it, which will be obvious to anyone who sees it (as opposed to Kevin’s, which would actually look professional), part of my trying a number of different things, just for the heck of it. I’ve also been working on making books, some of which are turning out pretty well.

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