Every fall our kids’ school hosts a fall fair. It’s a fundraiser (of course) and it’s well-known around the area because they do an amazing job of transforming the school into another, wildly creative world. There are puppet and magic shows, rooms where kids create their own craft projects, a general store (with the kids’ favorite lemon half and peppermint stick). Even though there are no trolls (that I know of) and it’s not nearly as offbeat as the one portrayed in the story, it reminds me of Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum’s The Erkling, which takes place at a Waldorf school fair in Los Angeles and features multiple trolls and John C. Reilly.

It’s all magical and beautiful and the kids love the Pocket Lady and Lord, who wear coats packed with little pockets from which kids can pick treasures; and the Little Peoples’ Shop, the first grade room transformed into another world where everything is kid level and each child (under third grade only) gets to choose three little toys.

Guess who creates all those treasures filling the pockets of the Lady and Lord and the shop for little people. The parents of course. This year, Kevin made (thirty) cute little mice tucked into walnut shells and I put together (thirty) little rainbow books.  But as crazy at it all gets in preparing and setting up the rooms and making the treasures, when the fair arrives and you see all those thrilled kids, you realize that it’s all worth it.

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