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I grew up going to the Minnesota State Fair where the culinary saying is “if you can put it on a stick, you can sell it at the Fair”. The Groovy Baker‘s lollipops would be far too delicate for a venue that has moved on Fried Snickers on a Stick (I am not kidding), but for a wedding, a party or just random enjoyment, how could you not love a candy apple lollipop? Or watermelon bubblegum? My kids would love them but I think (no, I know) I’d rather keep them for myself. Lisa from the Groovy Baker answers some questions about her business.

Your lollipops in particular are fantastic. How do you get your ideas for the flavors?

Thank you! I find inspiration everywhere, I can’t say that it’s a thought process necessarily, more that it’s simply being open to what is around me and creative with what is available.

Do you manage to find the ingredients locally?

Being in the northeast local ingredients can be difficult to obtain (eg: in the winter) but I really do my best to always make the ‘right’ decision. Sometimes buying non-organic locally is better than buying organic that has to be shipped across the country. I also change my menu with the seasons. Strawberries are so much more delicious in June than they are in January! I really believe living and eating locally is a huge part of ‘energy independence’ for this well as being healthier and supporting our local economy ~ win/win for everyone!

Classic Wedding Cake Lollipops

Do you work from a home kitchen? Could you walk me through your day?

I have a completely legal, commercial kitchen inspected and licensed by the Dutchess Co. Dept. of Heath. I am not in a storefront because I want to keep my quality high and my pricing reasonable. I really want *everyone* to eat better ~ not just people who can afford a $9.00 loaf of bread.

I also want to have the time to completely devote myself to each and every customer…a storefront is much more rushed and impersonal.

My day? Get up ~ drink coffee ~ put on apron ~ bake till exhausted ~ go to bed ~ repeat.

How long have you been in the Hudson Valley? Does where you live affect your creations?

I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley on and off for my entire life! I’m blessed to have such an abundance of farms (as well as beauty!) here. Everywhere you go ~ people’s tastes will affect what you make ~ when I was in the Mid-West, for example, ‘Gooey Butter Cake’ was all the rage… If I put that on a menu here people would have no idea what I was talking about! The Hudson Valley is such a treasure trove of abundance, though ~ I’m certainly not limited!

Grapefruit Rosemary Lollipops

What are some of your favorite items from your shop?

Chewy brown butter chocolate chip cookies (with Imported Belgian chocolate) and sea salt and Grapefruit Rosemary lollipops ~ they’re both just perfect.

What are your most popular items?

The lollipops are insanely popular for weddings, events and gifts. They’re unique and affordable…as well as memorable.

Have you found other creative businesses in your area?

The Hudson River Valley is certainly *not* at a loss for creative businesses…too many to list! I urge you to do a search, you won’t be disappointed!

Visit the Groovy Baker at her Etsy site.

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