One of the aspects of the personal posters we loved best was how flexible it is. It can be whimsical or serious, and for any occasion. You have a great boss, your hairstylist is retiring. You’ve lived next to the same neighbors for thirty years and not only have they watered your plants and fed your cats when you’re away, they bring you homemade soup when you’ve got the flu.

We’ve always had an extremely hard time coming up with ways to express our appreciation. I can’t tell you how many times Kevin and I have gone back and forth about a gift, especially when a store-bought present seems too impersonal. Yet how do you get more personal without crossing some invisible line of comfort? For us, the answer to that tends to lie in the tone of the text — when we’re not sure, we go for the whimsical message, when it’s a more serious message we want to convey, the text reflects that.

It’s one of our biggest priorities with our clients as well, determining not just what to say, but how to say it. With your boss, you want to be respectful, but depending on who it is, it probably won’t hurt to poke a bit of fun.

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