Between kid illness and a ski vacation, we’ve been having a hectic month, but the other night took an adults-only respite and it was completely inspiring.

I know that when the various art forms are discussed, foodies will always bring up cooking. Never having been much of a foodie (much as I love to eat), I never quite saw it. The other night, I had a serious “aha” evening at Serevan in Amenia (NY).

We’ve been there a few times, and it is by far our favorite Hudson Valley restaurant. Just reading the menu is a culinary experience. The owner, Serge Madikians, is of Armenian descent and grew up in Iran. The Middle Eastern influence infuses every dish, but in a subtle way. He’s likely to infuse duck with a pomegranate reduction or add Persian limes to a lamb dish. Each plate is an almost impossibly perfect combination of colors, textures and tastes. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally.

Roasted free-range chicken with olives and lemon

Not being a foodie, I have a difficult time describing our meal. Suffice it to say, that I am won over to the argument of a new form of art.

Just to add to the appeal, Serge himself clearly loves what he does. On a typical evening, he’s likely to be clearing tables and giving a detailed rundown of the menu or describing the photos which decorate the walls, pictures of his Armenian ancestors.

If you do manage to make it there, do yourself a favor and try the sour cherry cosmopolitan, a color so rich you would imagine it can’t taste as good as it looks. But you’d be wrong. Because of course he insists on preparing the sour cherry puree from scratch. That’s the sort of artist he is.

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