Teacher appreciation poster

We’ve been working on a new idea for My Local Muse, a less expensive gift for pretty much every occasion.

The idea was sparked by our own gifting dilemmas. We tend to go for handmade and personal gifts for our family and friends (and for each other) and were brainstorming about what sort of gift we’d like to receive. Something with personal meaning, something the giftee would keep for years. And we came up with personal, slice-of-life posters.

Using a single snapshot, Kevin can create a beautiful artistic image while I work with the client to capture, in words, what they want to express. It could be a memory, an appreciation, a list of favorite qualities. Then we print it on 11X17 rag watercolor paper, using archival inks.

Our first poster was an appreciation of a cherished teacher, given to her by her class. The posters are $100, and we can create copies at a nominal price.

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