When we were away over the holidays, I brought some origami paper and a book of simple origami animals for the kids to occupy themselves when we were hanging out. Of course we got into it as much as the kids, and we ended up with a Christmas tree festooned with colorful mice, hippos and birds.

What I realized while we were doing all that folding was how difficult it can be to make a good fold, and how important it is in bookmaking (or any of the thousands of papercraft projects I’ve got bookmarked to try sometime.).

After burning through the Keith Smith book, I picked up another book┬áby Alisa Golden, a little more whimsical and filled with great ideas. This book is extremely simple, but can take all different sorts of content. Called an accordian (affectionately known as a “pants” book for the “legs”), it can be seen either as a whole, large piece or as a smaller book.

I started with one sheet of 9 by 11 70lb drawing paper, painted with ink and gesso relief, so the end result is a little book about 2 1/4 by 4 1/2. When it was finished, I sewed in a little blank book. I can imagine using this with image transfers as well, combining pictures on a theme. I could also see this as a great project for kids.


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