We’re working on a new kids’ book for a little girl named Eleanor. The idea started with her favorite stuffed animal, Nina.

Here’s a summary of the book:

Eleanor is in a tizzy! She took her best friend Nina to the zoo and accidentally dropped her in the monkey cage. Through a combination of high-pitched persuasion and forceful cage-rattling, Eleanor managed to get her friend back, but not before a large family of nits, fed up with the monkeys’ pointy fingernails, hopped onto Nina’s soft and hairy back.

Now the nits are taking over Eleanor’s house. Her family is itchy and irritable and they don’t know why and the nits think it’s extremely funny to watch her little brother scratch behind his ears like a dog. Eleanor has to get rid of the nits before her mom and dad find out and send Nina away. Unfortunately, the nits have other ideas.

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