I don’t play video games. None. Okay, angry birds a few times, but I quickly got over it. Well, the New York Public Library has come up with a game which, while I really think you have to visit the library to completely appreciate it, just flipping through the site is pretty fun.

To celebrate the library’s centennial, they came up with an all-night event and opened their doors to 500 (out of the more than 5000 who applied) participants. They were unleashed through the library, sent out to seek artifacts from among the library’s myriad holdings and write their own artifact stories, which were later bound in a book.

In the online game, you enter “quests,” where you examine each artifact then write your own related story. You can also read the stories written by others. Every participant is also encouraged to combine stories into an “epic.”

It’s all terribly nerdy, but still fun for a non-tech person. It would be a great game for older kids, as you are encouraged to do a lot of networking — get others to read your story and contribute.

You know you’re completely outdated when you rely on a public library to provide you with interactive video games. (via)

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