A few weeks ago, I made a book for a neighbor’s birthday. The kids went crazy over it; each wanted their own so I spent last Saturday working on them. I’m still new at it. I made some mistakes — forgetting to add the cover to the folio so I had to remove and re-stitch the folios, not allowing enough space for the spine — but for the most part, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

For the cover, I used paper from Dick Blick. There’s a great deal on homemade paper by the pound. It’s available in two sizes and they send you a mix of decorative papers. Some are sparkly, some pretty plain (I used one for the endpaper). The folios are made up of a mix of colored paper, which the kids love.

I really like the idea of making our own journal/sketch/notebooks. I go through one every two or three months — I’ve been using the Pentalic books, which are less expensive than Moleskine, though the paper is not quite as nice. I also like the covers, which come in different colors.

Still, there are things that I don’t like about the notebooks. I would like nicer paper, for instance, and some sort of pen holder. So that is my next quasi-procrastination project: to make myself the perfect journal. I’ve already picked out the paper — 98lb mixed media paper which comes in spiral bound notebooks. As for the pen holder, I’m still working on that — maybe an elastic loop stitched on the inner cover.

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