We’re finally easing into summer here and with the kids in camp, I’ve been doing some experimenting with bookmaking. Because it’s all a bit new, and I haven’t been able to pin down my favorite type of book, they’re a widely varied lot.

I love books done in longstitch — something about that exposed stitching hinting at the inner construction and gave it a try. I made some mistakes here and there (next time I’ll punch holes in the cover rather than make slashes for the stitches; one of the signatures is not stitched quite as tight as the others) but I generally like the way it looks.

Then there’s the keychain book, which I really did for myself. I’ve always been a listmaker, but now that my memory is going I fear that if I don’t make lists, I’ll forget something crucial (pick up the kids at camp!) and I needed something small enough to take everywhere. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the cover, right now it’s plain bookcloth. The construction is pretty basic; I just added a chain. . Now I  have to figure out how to add a tiny pen.

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