I first heard of Emily Hahn about ten years ago, when her biography came out. She was one of those women you can’t believe actually existed: adventure-loving (she walked across the Belgian Congo with a pygmy and a baby baboon), smart (she wrote 52 books and nearly 200 pieces for The New Yorker), funny (when she lived in Shanghai, she used to bring her pet gibbon to dinner parties dressed in a diaper and a tiny dinner jacket). And that is just a tiny slice of her incredible life (she died in 1997).

Lately, I’ve gotten to thinking about Hahn and other incredible women like her whom most people have never heard of. What better way of trying to share my enthusiasm (and an excuse to look into their lives) than to start a chapbook series. Thus, The Interesting Women Chapbook Series. This is the first — 14 pages printed on cardstock filled with photo illustrations.

I have plenty more in mind; my goal is to produce one a month. If anyone has any suggestions for subjects, I’d be happy to hear them.

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