One of my greatest web discoveries in the last year has been the TED podcast series. For someone who is extremely interested in a few things and curious about pretty much everything else, TED is a guiltless pleasure.

A forum for scientists, artists, activists and pretty much anyone with interesting ideas, TED provides a stage, an audience and about twenty minutes (give or take) to spread their ideas (their tagline is “Ideas Worth Spreading”). Past guests have included Al Gore on global warming, Dennis Dutton on the Darwinian theory of beauty, Mary Roach on orgasm, Maira Kalman on her artistic process and photographer James Nachteway on covering war. And those are just a handful.

Now TED is introducing digital books based on their series. Similar to Penguin’s Great Ideas, each book will be less than 20,000 words and encapsulate one of their speaker’s ideas. The books will be distributed through Amazon, as part of their Kindle Singles program. The first three will be Nic Marks on the Happiness Manifesto, Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullens on evolution and Gever Tulley on how we worry to much about our kids. Each book is $2.99.

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