My Edward Gorey adoration stems back to the Gashlycrumb Tinies, a book I discovered at an age which was probably slightly too young, judging from my ensuing nightmares (Kate struck with an axe?), though that didn’t stop me from reading it over and over.

It wasn’t long before I found The Doubtful Guest (which still brings back memories of certain house guests) and I was off in search of pretty much everything he’d ever written. Years ago, I was thrilled to come across Ascending Peculiarities,  a book of interviews conducted with Gorey over the years, in which I learned about his process (story before pictures), his Harvard roommate (poet Frank O’Hara), his love of ballet and cats and his affection for fur coats.

Now, several of those fur coats, along with a number of other items of his are being auctioned this week at Bloomsbury Auctions. In addition to the fur coats (including this yellow one) are jewelry, fountain pens, signed prints, a hand-stitched beanbag bat toy, several books and sketches and a hand-painted rock. (via)

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