It may sound like the setup for a lame joke, but how long does it take to get from having the idea for a business to opening shop? Obviously, it varies, depending on the business, but in our case, the answer is: An excruciatingly long time.

Since we met, Kevin and I have wanted to work together. Though he is the artist and I’m the writer, our interests cross over. We both revere books and our house is filled with them; one of our favorite things to do together is wander through galleries and museums, discussing what we like (and don’t) then taking the subway to Strand Books and wandering for hours, occasionally tracking each other down to share looks at our finds.

Another thing we both like to do is listen to other people. Neither of us is a big talker, mostly because we prefer to hear stories and we’ve already shared most of ours with each other.

Last year, we came up with this idea for blending our talents and interests, this custom book business. It would be different from everything else out there, unique and somewhat quirky. We got really excited about it. We talked incessantly about the types of books we could create, then the idea of the broadsides came in and we got excited about those. We created books and broadsides and talked more about other ideas. For the last year, we’ve thrown ourselves into My Local Muse and now finally, here we are.

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