Owen is reading, Maya will be there very soon (she wants to so badly she pretends to read the books back to us, when she’s really just memorized the story). And what we’ve discovered at this point is that there are hundreds of really great picture books…and few really good first readers.

Most first readers we’ve found to be either dull or boring or sort of insipid. I won’t mention names but I imagine many parents know what I’m talking about. It was sort of a “duh” moment when we realized that we might be able to do our bit by creating custom first readers. What kid wouldn’t want to read when the story is about them?

Right now, the books are available through us directly or on our Etsy site. We’ll work with images that parents provide, along with stories tailored to the kids (a favorite pet? A stuffed animal, fantasies of ballet fame or lifesaving firefighting skills?). We’re pretty flexible about page length, size and binding. Mostly, we just want kids to buck the trend towards things that have to be plugged in and recharged and and get excited about books.

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