Chicken or the egg?

I’ve been having a great time working on collage books. I made one for myself a few months ago and used it as a personal journal. I love the feeling of the cover — it’s slick and solid — and the multiple images. I like how the format allows for a number of different images. I’ve found some great sources of nature images in the public domain, many of them really stunning, and am grateful for the opportunity to use them.

This is my chicken or the egg book. It’s the second version of it — the first was the one I used as a personal journal and loved so much I considered keeping this one for myself as well. I held back and put it up on our Etsy page.

It is my favorite size, 6×8, and filled with 120 pages of 70 pound drawing paper. This one I also bound with book cloth, instead of coptic stitching, a change from the other books in the shop. 

I like the back too, which makes me think of Easter, though I don’t know why. Maybe the little chick in hat at the top.

There were a few days this winter when Kevin and I were (mock?) arguing about whether or not to buy the chicken diapers a friend of ours had sent us a link to and bring ours inside. The idea was appealing — we love our chickens — but, like most crazy ideas, far far better in theory than practice. So our chickens remain in their coop.

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