After what seems like too long of a break (who says summer is relaxing?), I’ve gotten back to experimenting with new book ideas.

This one is bound with what, for some reason, is called the Secret Belgian Binding. The Belgian part comes from the Belgian bookbinder, Anne Goy, who created it about thirty years ago, but it’s not much of a secret. I like that it has an open structure and the pages lie flat when the book is opened.

This version is about 4″ by 5 3/4″ with hand-torn 60lb sketch paper. The lower edges to the fabric got frayed, which really bummed me out at first, but now I sort of like the way it looks. If one of the kids doesn’t get their hands on the book, I’ll probably use it either for a sketch book or to record to record the projects I’m working on and how I could alter them next time around.

This one, for example, I might try with a closure band sewn into the back. I’d also like to try using image transfers on the front, maybe with treated bookboard.

The second book came out of my newfound love of minibooks. It’s about 2″ by 3″, which for some reason I find easy to work with. Again, the pages are hand-torn 60 pound sketch paper, which might be a bit too thick for this size but I just like the heft of the paper. It’s sewn with a coptic binding, which again I found strangely easy in this size (I thought it would drive me crazy trying to weave the thread in such a tiny area). The thread is unwaxed Irish linen in a nice pumpkin color.

My favorite part about this book though, is the cover. I treated plain book board with Modge Podge and attached a picture from our camping trip this summer. My printer had been misbehaving, the cyan cartridge clogged, which accounts for the heavy magenta and yellow tones. I just liked the dreamy feeling of the hues.


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