Before we had kids and somehow half our time evaporated, Kevin and I used to talk about the possibility of putting together a group of artists and writers, with whom we could discuss ideas and get feedback on our work. I used to think that there was little overlap between creative mediums: How could a painter possibly help a poet? But now I realize how ridiculous that is, how inspired I get by a visit to the Met or watching a movie.

On a recent visit to Tivoli, we came across the Tivoli Artists Co-op and Gallery, a really interesting concept and a great space. About forty artists — painters, sculptors, poets, performance artists, photographers etc — pay yearly membership dues and are required to do a small amount of hosting and gallery maintenance. In return, they are guaranteed space in three group shows per year and the opportunity to propose solo shows. Plus, the chance to be part of a community in a pursuit that tends to be isolating.

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