CSA’s, or Community Supported Agriculture, have become a part of communities across the country, a way for those with small or no gardens of their own to not only benefit from the hard work of local farmers but also make it possible for the farmers to make their initial investment.

It’s a model taken up by a Minnesota artsĀ  group, Springboard for the Arts, only rather than farmers, those who buy shares are supporting local artists. Working with the advocacy group mnartists.org, the group began offering shares of their CSA in May 2010. The fifty participants paid $300 and in return, got nine original works of art.

Organizer Betsy McDermott Altheimer was quick to point out that art is not food, but stressed that the model, of supporting your creative community, is an important one. Since the St. Paul-based group launched their CSA, other communities have followed. Groups in Chicago and Cambridge, Mass have started their own and others are in the organizational stage.

Read an interview with Altheimer in American Craft Magazine. (via)

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