Attributed to Dutch painter Jan Provost, est. 1495

Thought to belong to Henry VIII

After Thanksgiving, we took the train to the city for the first time in awhile. It ended up being an art-filled weekend, which is generally the most satisfying kind.

Introducing kids to art is such a tricky proposition. On the one hand, they see how important it is to us, and that makes them curious, but they bristle at any hint of museum-going. On Saturday, we told them we just wanted to breeze through the Met before heading downtown. We had no expectations, no plans on what we’d see.

We ended up wandering around, letting their interests dictate where we went. And they got so into it. The Egyptian jewelry was a big hit, as were paintings of the crucifixion, and of course the armor and the mummies. At the end, we had to drag them out of there to go get some lunch.

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