The process of putting together a book is such a long one, and so filled with details small and large, that when it’s actually printed and bound and we’re all looking at the results of our energies there’s a sense of wonder.

Peony was a special collaboration between poet Kathleen Meagher, My LocalĀ  Muse (which designed the book; Kevin took the photographs), Cathy DeForest of Jubilation Press (who did an incredible job with the letterpress) and Sabina Nies, of Sun Book Arts. All books involve input from a number of different parties, but with this one there was a unified effort, from Kathleen and Cathy finding the raw silk used in the binding to Kevin printing out the photographs.

The results are spectacular. It’s hard to absorb the full impact from photographs, but the book has been entered in several juried exhibitions and has been selling briskly.

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