The first of my Keith Smith bindings came out pretty well (the binding at least). It’s an easy pamphlet binding, with two folios sewn directly into the cover.

The cover is made out of Tyvek, a material I love because it is so strong and takes all sorts of paint pretty well. ¬†I folded it to include a 3/4 inch well, into which the folios will be sewn, one on each side. I also added in flaps to protect the pages. I also use them to bookmark pages, great when you’re cooking.

I decided to go bright for the cover: the yellow is a glaze and the orange is acrylic. One of the downsides of Tyvek is that the colors tend to bleed (which will become apparent with the cover artwork, where the tomato ends up looking like a red baseball and the asparagus becomes a green blob).

I was surprised how easy it was to sew together. The folios sit on either side of the inner well and it’s all stitched — folios and cover — in one easy step.

The book is really solid and holds together well. I thought the well might be distracting, but it’s not at all. It is the perfect format for a recipe book, and would also be good for a journal or¬†sketchbook because it lays flat and is strong enough to be tossed in a bag and carried around.

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